Thursday, February 14, 2013

More from Princess Amanda

This was me in a happier time at Phantasia, before the fog struck.  I look pensive but, believe me, I was happy.  What's not to be happy  A princess in a pretty kingdom filled with people I admire and love?

And then came that nasty fog.  You'd have thought it was London in the eighteen hundreds.  Eeeuuww.  Never mind what it could do to the kingdom, think of what it could do to my complexion!  Thank goodness for Aunt Tess and her time traveler abilities.  She whisked us off, quick as a blink and my peaches and cream cheeks thanked her profusely, I can assure you.

Now we're settled in our little castle, snug as bugs in a rug as befits princesses.  No fog here.  No facial blemishes.  What more can a princess want?

Princess Amanda

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